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*Empress Service Dogs*

I was approached years ago by a lady about donating dogs to be service dogs, drug sniffing, seizure alerting, and guiding the blind.  Sister Pauline came many times to visit with my dogs just learning their disposition before she would even consider taking any of my dogs. Once she was sure that the working ability was there she decided my dogs would make a great fit.


Her program starts with the donated dogs in the jail systems.  The inmates have the option of different classes and they introduced dog training as one of the classes.  The dogs are kennel in wonderful facilities and the inmates are responsible for taking care, exercising, socializing, and training.  Once the classes are over they are then moved to a more advanced training for services dogs.  It is an amazing organization and just trilled that the dogs I have bred are versatile enough to provide such services for peoples needs in all situations.




Here are a few pictures I found of me and Tank. I'm sure that I've thanked you before for Tank, but I'm SO appreciative to you and sis Pauline! Tank has totally changed my life! Not only is he an excellent worker, but he is an amazing companion. Without him, I'd be much more of a recluse, afraid to go out for fear of needing help and not having it any. I go to movies, dinner theater, concerts, restaurants, coach basketball, demos and info booths. This is much more that I'd be doing at this point in my life if I didn't have him. I hope you realize how much of a difference you've made in my life and the life of the others who have received your dogs!




Check out Empress dogs at work!

Watch �patti-nicole� by Mark Schultze: http://vimeo.com/79694084

Watch �roni-tom� by Mark Schultze: http://vimeo.com/72514120

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