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Our purpose

Here at Empress Labradors, we plan a litter when we are ready for our next generation, and to further advance our bloodline. We are a preservation breeder and we do this with the betterment of the breed in mind, and are always looking to the future, and how this will best reflect down the line. We keep in mind that we want dogs to be healthy, have predictable characteristics, and be smart. We pay close attention to the breed standard. We believe breeding dogs is a combination of both art and science. We educate ourselves on new testing protocols, research pedigrees, especially genetic traits and then take our years of knowledge and experience to plan the litter.  

We want to give the dogs we breed the best success in whatever venue and a long, healthy life along with being a loving member of your family.


We are located 20 miles north of Rockford, IL right before you cross over the Wisconsin boarder. 

 Proper terminology

“English - British - American” is a misused term that bothers most reputable Labrador Retriever breeders.  Labradors are ultimately Labradors that unfortunately have been over bred by people that don’t have passion of breeding good quality, complete health tested, stellar temperaments, and great family pets. There is only one AKC breed standard and after doing this for 30 plus years everyone seems to have their own interpretation of what a Labrador should look like. Sticking to the guidelines of the AKC standard we have generations of many dual purpose Labradors that I have bred, trained and loved. 

We produce some of the best family dogs around with all our future and current puppy families in mind. Breeding a well all around healthy, versatile dog with a wonderful temperament is most important to me. 

What height are our Labradors? 

At the withers for a dog (male) is 22½ to 24½ inches; for a bitch (female) is 21½ to 23½ inches

 What weight are our Labradors? 

Approximate weight of dogs and bitches in working condition: dogs 65 to 80 pounds; bitches 55 to 70 pounds.

What colors are Labradors?

Labradors truly only come in three colors and they are black, yellow (shading from white to fox red color) and chocolate. 

Please do not fall for any marketing terms stating “silver, white, or fox red” at the end of the day your AKC papers will only say black, yellow, or chocolate. 

Do your homework

Something to ponder when purchasing a potential companion that could be part of your family for 10+ years. 

Look for a breeder that has a passion of breeding quality and not quantity. 

Look for a breeder that has bred AKC champions with their kennel prefix in the name of the pedigree of the sire and/or dam. ie: Empress 

Why is this important when “you don’t want a “show” dog and just a pet.”

Because these are breeders that stay true to the American Kennel Club standard, do complete health testing, and have done all the foot work so that you know you’re purchasing the best dog possible for your family for many years to come. 

Well I can’t afford that price for your dogs or I can find one cheaper!  

My advice is do not get a dog then. When you purchase that lessor quality dog that will later in life have enormous vet bills because of chronic skin issues, joint problems the list goes on and on. These poor dogs are the only ones that really suffer along with your pocketbook this is with any breed of dog. So please save your money up and purchased a good quality dog from a reputable breeder which can help decrease outrageous veterinary care later in life. 

Pricing for puppies, adolescents and retirees

8-12 weeks old $3,700

4-6 months old $4,200

6-12+months $4,800

    Price differences depend on age from shots administered and depth of training.

As a breeder I always keep what I think is the best of the best out of litter structure wise and fitting in to that AKC standard that we discussed earlier. Sometimes after they grow up the puppy is not what we hoped for showing purposes so we then find those families that don’t want to do the puppy stages. There is nothing wrong with these adolescents when we look for new loving homes. (Pricing above is by age) When we have adolescents available they are first posted on our Facebook page at Empress Labradors Homestead with their date of birth so you quickly figure out the price. 

As difficult it is we do place retired dogs after they have been altered (spayed or neutered) we know that we can’t give them the grand life that they deserve with a loving family that can put them on a pedestal with undivided attention. 

Our retired dogs are $2,500.00. 

Puppy developmental and socializing

We do something called Neurological Stimulation at the young age of 3 days old till 2 weeks old. Check out this link for more info from AKC.

I have found this to be a great developmental stage for growing puppies and know we have smarter puppies because of it.   

The key to ensuring that your puppy will quickly become a happy, well-adjusted family member. For the first 4 weeks, litters are raised in our home in our living room adjacent to our kitchen with an abundance of attention and handling. Our puppies spend the first four weeks in a whelping box decorated with colorful mobiles and toys are changed out as they reach various stages.

After 4-5 weeks, they move to an indoor area that is 10 by 10 feet, has access to a 25 by 30 feet outdoor area that includes a jungle gym, a tunnel and lots of toys that are changed out regularly. Training starts when puppies are 4-5 weeks old which includes table stacking so they get used to standing.

We evaluate the puppies at 6 and 8 weeks. Our puppies do go home at 8 weeks of age.  At that time we find that they are ready to leave the nest and start their next chapter in their lives.

Deposit and waiting list information

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to get put on my waiting list.  What does non-refundable mean ? If a puppy of color or sex is NOT born to your wants, your deposit is then carried over to the next litter that would have the color and sex you prefer.

After you have refused 3 puppy offerings your deposit is forfeited.

How to properly make a deposit. 

We accept Zelle, Venmo, or Chase Quick Pay. 

Deposits are put in order when it has been received by date and time. 

If mailing a check please make it out to: Dawn Nacey.

Zelle look for DawnNacey, Venmo look for @Dawn-Nacey (myself with a Yellow Labrador), Once in Zelle or Venmo there is a NOTE section.

Please manually type the following so that your deposit isn’t returned. 

        1.) Your email address & phone number with area code.

        2.) First choice color/sex and second   choice color/sex.

        3.) Lastly, that you understand that this deposit is NON-refundable 

Puppy color, sexes and Timeframes.

Wishing I had a crystal ball but don't - Breeders have no control over your timeframe of wanting a puppy long with no control of how many of what color or sexes are born, hence why I ask for a couple different options when placing your deposit. 

Having a second choice of color and/or sex which of course could increase your chances of getting a puppy from a particular litter if your first choice is not available. Please keep in mind that most of my puppies are sold BEFORE they are born. 

Scenerio #1:  If you are 3rd on my waiting list for a yellow male and only 2 yellow males are born then either your second choice sex or color comes into consideration, and IF you don't have a second option then your deposit gets carried over to the next litter. 

Scenario #2: If you are 3rd on the waiting list for yellow males and there are 5 yellow males born then on pick up day the two families that have deposits before you get to pick their puppy before you.

Puppy visitations 

5 week play date - play date is just that  you are coming to visit and play with the whole litter. There is no picking out your puppy until pick up day. After 5 weeks old I try to have a puppy play date for everyone to visit and play with all the puppies. This is usually outdoors so please dress appropriately. No visitations before that. 

Kennel visitation prior to sending a deposit. 

I do not allow regular visitations merely because of spreading disease that can easily do harm to very young or older dogs and my time. 

I spend tons of time training and exercising with the dogs. If we had visitors all the time, that would shorten our time doing what we love. 

If you are interested in an older puppy/dog that is available a deposit is required before visitation. If you do not fall in love with the puppy/dog I will refund your entire deposit.

Required supplements need to be purchased before puppy/dog pick up day.

To assure your puppy gets off to the right start, they have been enjoying NuVet Plus every day as a treat (they love the taste). Continuing this daily regimen is the easiest and best way to keep your pup on the path to perfect health! Please order the wafers and place on auto ship so that your puppy’s gut stays healthy during stressful changes throughout their lifetime. 

These products are not found online, at stores, or your veterinarian. 

For your convenience, order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 19387, or ordering online at

These are to dog beds we recommend please click on the link to order.

Kuranda Dog Beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

Puppy pick up is 8 weeks old. 

You get to pick your puppy by when your deposit has been received date and time stamp. 

If you need your puppy to stay past scheduled pick up day boarding fee per day is $20.00. 

AKC limited registration

All of our companion puppies are sold on  limited registration which means that they are not being sold for breeding purposes.  The difference between pet quality and show quality is not usually obvious to the inexperienced eye.  The Limited Registration is a tool offered by the American Kennel Club for responsible breeders to protect their breeding programs and their puppies. The only difference between Limited registration and Full registration is that Limited registration prevents dogs from being shown in conformation and any offspring they produce may not be registered with the American Kennel Club.


Depending on the age of your puppy, it will have at least its first puppy vaccination around 7 weeks of age. We will provide you with a detailed vaccination and worming protocol to share with your veterinarian. We suggest that you reach out to your veterinarian in regards to their vaccination protocol when you go for your puppy wellness check.

Schedule your puppy appointment once I have communicated a puppy pick up day. Please keep in mind vets are very busy and booked and trying to get an appointment last minute might not happen.

Vet health check with our clinic

Every one of our puppies is examined by an experienced small animal veterinarian before it goes to its new home. This exam includes a full physical, fecal and cardiac check. It’s our goal to send a healthy well socialized puppy to your home!


Our puppies receive regular preventative deworming to avoid any parasitic issues. This ensures your puppy comes with a settled stomach and dormant issues that could surprise you just after your puppy gets home. We worm them with Pyrantel regularly from 2-7 weeks and then use Panacur at 8-9 weeks before they go home. Once you take your puppy home, we recommend you take a stool sample to your veterinarian on your first visit. Do not be surprised if they still show signs of parasites. Your veterinarian can advise you on a recommended program for future deworming of your puppy.


Your puppy with come with a microchip and a lifelong registry through AKC reunite. If by chance you move please let me know your new address so our records can be updated. 

Service or emotional support dogs

With proper training, many Empress Labradors have become service dogs, ESA dogs, and therapy dogs. If you are looking for a dog to train yourself, my puppies and older dogs are priced the same.



We have some of the best dogs in world which comes from good breeding and generations of working with our dogs. I believe our dogs do have an on and off switch. If you want to be a couch potato one day and super busy the next day they will be right there by your side with their wagging tail. They want to please you, love you, and be the best companion for you. 

Genetic testing and guarantees 

Empress Labradors does ALL of genetic and health tests that Labradors should have before breeding any litter.  Yearly, I have board certified veterinarians that visit my kennel to check hearts and eyes. 

Whether you are reading this to purchased one of our outstanding puppies/dogs or on this page for educational purposes please do your homework with any breeder before making a deposit or purchase. Labradors should be genetic tested for many tests to insure you as a buyer doesn’t have issues later in your dog’s life. On all our dog’s pages on this website lists all the testing we do and then some. Click on the paw prints logo in the middle of all my dog’s pages and see the testing panel for that dog. 

Visit Orthopedic Foundations for Animals at to look up four very important tests that every Labrador should have. Heart, hips, elbows and eyes ! Eyes are a yearly check. Some breeders do it once and never do it again, that is not being a responsible breeder. If the breeder you looking at does not have a website or even if they do please double check testing on the link above. All you need is the AKC full registered name of the sire or dam. 

The tests that we do is our best effort to ensure that our puppies are free of common congenital disorders. However, most congenital disorders have a polygenic mode of inheritance, meaning there is multiple gene involvement, making it impossible to determine with certainty that any puppy will be completely free from any disorder. Nutrition, exercise and other conditions will play a role in determining whether the puppy will develop certain disorders as well as help puppies grow into happy, healthy adults. We also encourage every puppy buyer to have their new puppy examined by their veterinarian within 48 hours from the date of purchase. If it is determined that the puppy is not in good general health, with a written veterinarian statement and the puppy returned, the entire purchase price will be refunded. 

Our recommendation for spay and neutering

Twenty to 24 months is the soonest for alteration.  Current research has shown that Labradors need hormones to grow slowly and properly. 

Food recommendations 

Puppies - Royal Canin medium puppy

Adults after 2 years old - Raw food.

Thank You so much for reading our page. It’s a lot to read but we are very passionate about what we do and we want to be an open book for you so that you feel 100% confident about being part of the Empress family. 


Page Updated: 4/5/2024

Available Puppies

Spirit & Cosmo have  black females available - Ready For Homes On April 27th, 2024.

Upcoming Litters (Confirmed)

Planned Litters  
(These girls could be bred but pregnancy is not confirmed yet.)

Lux & Cosmo for black and litter litter - Summer 2024.

Mercy & Chilleini for all an chocolate litter - (Puppies All Spoken For).

Babble & Cosmo for black and yellow litter - (Yellow Puppies All Spoken For).

Shimmer & Henry for black and yellow litter - (Yellow Puppies All Spoken For).

Sparkle X Cosmo for black and yellow litter.

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Available Adults/Older Puppies  
Star X Cosmo Black Male Available - Born 1/8/2024
Above dogs are up to date on shots, crate trained, basic obedience and are your typical sweet English Labrador personality.