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*Notable Show Wins*

At the most prestigious Labrador show in the World - Potomac LRC
Best Opp in Sweeps - Breeder/Judge: Marion Daniels
Thank you Marion! A moment I will cherish forever!!


Badger LRC -2013

Day 1 - Best Of Breed & Select Dog  for 5  GR CH Points Judge Marion Daniels

Day 2- Best Of Breed & Select Dog for 5 GR CH Points Judge Roger Orr


GDLRC - 2013

Select Dog for 5 GR CH Points

Badger LRC -2012
Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Bred By breeder/ Judge: Pauline Mortier Thank you Pauline

Hoosier LRC - 2012
Day 1 - Best in Sweeps under Breeder/Judge Carol Lynn Johnson
Day 2 - Reserve Winners Dog under Breeder/Judge Jeff Gilmore

Western Reserve Kennel Club - Speciaty Supported Entry - Sunday
Winners Dog and Best of Winners (4 points) - Breeder/ Judge: Claire Senfield 

Richland County Kennel Club - Saturday
Reserve Winners Dog - Breeder/ Judge: Pauline Mortier 

Sioux Falls Kennel Club - Sunday
Winners Dog (5 points) - Judge: Judy Webb 

Day 1 - Best Puppy
Day 2 - Best Opp in Sweeps and RWD

Sweeps 6-9 - BEST IN Sweeps
Breeder/Judge ~ Carol Johnson - Forsythe Labradors - Thank you, Carol!
Regular - 1st 6-9 month ~ Nancy Arbuckle (considered for RWD)

Day 1 - Sweeps 6-9 - 1st - Breeder/Judge ~ Wendi Huttner
Day 1 - Regular - 1st - Breeder/Judge ~ Vonnie Russell (considered for RWD)

Day 2 - Sweeps - BEST OPP IN SWEEPS - Breeder/Judge ~ Shannon Carlton - Seabourn Labradors - Thank you, Shannon!
Day 2 - Regular - RWD and BEST PUPPY - Breeder/Judge ~ Judy Heim - Hyspire Labradors - Thank you, Judy!

MVLRC 2011
Day 1 - Sweeps 6-9 - 3rd Breeder/Judge ~ Ron Kelly
Day 1 - Regular - 2nd - Breeder/Judge ~ Linda Vaughn

Day 2 - Sweeps - 2nd - Breeder/Judge ~ Keri Schooler
Day 2 - Regular - 3rd - Breeder/Judge ~ Jean-Lois Bals



Biss Am  GCH CH & Mex CH


Empress Clean Slate JH, WC


w: 10.18.10
Full dentition
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
Optigen: Carrier
Cerf: Clear
EIC: Clear
Heart Echo Color Doppler: Clear

BISS AM. GR. Ch. Big Sky's Stone Kutter
Ch. Paradoc's Tabatha Stonehenge
Ch. Tabatha's Rollick at Carowby JH
Ch. Tabatha's Tassel
Big Sky's Sable
Ch. Empress Big Sky's Blood & Guts
Tabatha's Token Talent
Empress Prima Donna
BISS Am. Mex. Ch. Sunnybrook's Tiger Hawk
Dickendall Starfish
Ridge View Ricochet
Ch. Empress Faded Glory
Ch. Empress Big Sky's Blood & Guts
Empress Blush of Gold



Slate's Offspring

Dawn Marie Nacey

(815) 218-8765


Northern Illinois